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SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator.  It was developed within the Russian Space Program to be used by cosmonauts during Space Travel.  It has also been used in Russian hospitals since the 1980's.

SCENAR Therapy uses an electrical device to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.  The body is designed to heal itself and this electrical stimulator aids in speeding the healing process, without complications or side effects.  

The SCENAR balances energy flow in the body, which stimulates fast healing.  The SCENAR works as an adaptive system.  Electrical signals are sent throughout the body and the body responds, changing the electromagnetic properties of the skin.  This dialogue between the body and the machine will continue until the body adapts to the SCENAR stimulation.

SCENAR can help with the following:

    - Pain relief
    - Inflammation
    - Blood clotting
    - Swelling
    - Fever
    - Improvement of functions
    - Improvement of general state - sleep, mood, appetite, etc

SCENAR is certified and regulated in Europe and North  America as a permitted medical device.


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