Yoga at Home
Zen Stones

Meditation.  It is a word we often hear in relation to health and wellness.  Feeling stressed?  Meditate.  Need to clear your mind?  Meditate?  Looking for inner peace?  Meditate.  Suffering from depression and anxiety?  Meditate.  

We know we should meditate and we want to try it, but the big question I get asked is...HOW?  How do I meditate?  How do I clear my mind?  How do I release all the thoughts that clutter my thinking?

If this sounds familiar, than you may benefit from the new meditation sessions offered at Trinity Natural Health Centre.  Our meditation sessions offer one-on-one guidance on meditation techniques that work best for you.  All meditation sessions are one-on-one, which allows greater comfort for those with anxiety and/or depression.


Each meditation session is one hour long and is designed to help guide you through the challenges you are facing in regards to meditation.  You will be provided with a variety of techniques that you can incorporate in your daily routine of life.  Our mindful meditation sessions together will help you learn to focus your mind on the present moment and be attuned to you body on all levels of being.  

What to bring:  Please bring a yoga mat to you session.  If you do not have a mat, feel free to use one our mats.