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Are you looking for high-quality essential oils at affordable prices? Look no further! Our wellness boutique carries over 60 essential oils. All oils are 100% pure and are produced using sustainable methods. The essential oils are harvested from their country of origin and are extracted from flowers, rinds, roots, leaves, barks and fruit.

We also create a wide variety of blends on-site, using our education in aromatherapy. Choose from a range of essential oil combinations, based on your health and wellness needs.

Our top priority is your safety. Essential oils are highly concentrated and must be used with precaution. Our extensive background in homeopathy, aromatherapy and natural healthcare allows us to provide you with the necessary information to use essential oils properly.

We offer a selection of diffusers and aromatherapy jewellery, which make a wonderful addition to our essential oil collection. We also carry glass dropper bottles for those wishing to make their own customized blends.

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