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Heilkusnt translates into "the art of making one whole."  A German physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded Heilkunst.  Most associate Dr. Hahnemann with homeopathy.  Along with homeopathy, Heilkunst encompasses a wide range of modalities for addressing disease and illness.  It contains three main areas:

1.  Regimen
2.  Medicine
3.  Therapeutic Education


Regimen can be defined as the measures taken to prevent illness and restore balance in the body.  This includes aspects, such as diet, exercise, hydration, supplementation, proper sleep, relaxation, etc.  In order for the body to function properly, there needs to be a balance among these aspects.  An imbalance in regimen is treated through the natural Law of Opposites.  For example, if an individual is suffering from the effects of dehydration, this can be treated through drinking more water.  If a person is suffering from a Vitamin C deficiency, this will be treated through providing sufficient Vitamin C.

However, the Law of Opposites is only used in terms of regimen (imbalances) and not in the treatment of disease.  Using the Law of Opposites to treat disease, results in the suppression of symptoms.  Therefore, the Law of Opposites is not used to treat disease, but rather to correct imbalances in the body.

Medicine Proper

Heilkunst uses the other natural law, the Law of Similars, to treat and cure the body of disease.  This means that a substance, which would ordinarily cause a specific set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can provide cure when given in the proper dose and potency.  These remedies not only cure the individual on a physical level, but work deeper to provide complete cure on all levels of being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).  This consists of the treatment of various shocks and traumas that have occurred in one's life (sequential therapy), as well as a variety of diseases that may have been inherited from past generations (chronic miasms).

Therapeutic Education

Therapeutic Education is a very important aspect of Heilkunst.  It allows us to address our thoughts and perceptions about others and ourselves. Many individuals have negative and/or false ideas about themselves and their lives.  They will suppress emotions, place blame on themselves and others, have a negative outlook on life, speak poorly of themselves, etc.  Eventually, these false beliefs consume our thought patterns and bring forth disease.  These false beliefs can often produce delusions and deep-seated fears.  Heilkunst addresses these issues, which reinforces the fact that cure takes place on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The remedies used in Heilkunst are completely safe for all individuals and animals.  This includes children, pregnant women and the elderly.  The remedies are composed of a variety of natural substances.  They are prepared in a manner that allows them to be effective, yet not produce the dangerous side effects that are often associated with allopathic medications.  

Heilkunst/Homeopathy can be used to treat a variety of acute and chronic diseases and conditions.  Some of these conditions include the following:

    - Anxiety/stress
    - Arthritis
    - Asthma
    - Autism
    - Behaviour disorders                                                         
    - Depression
    - Digestive complaints
    - Emotional/physical traumas
    - Fears and phobias
    - Pain/inflammation/injuries
    - Reproductive issues
    - Sciatica 
    - Sleep disorders
    - And Much More


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