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Newborn Baby Foot

Reflexology is a healing art that has been practiced throughout the world, dating back to 2,500 BC.  Various pressure points on the hands, feet and face are stimulated by using a variety of pressure/massage techniques.  Each reflex point is related to a specific area of the body.  For example, the top of the big toe corresponds to the brain.  These reflex points are connected to the nervous system.  When the pressure points are stimulated, the nervous system sends impulses to the corresponding area in the body.  This aids is removing blockages that interfere with blood circulation, which then promotes healing.
Reflexology provides a number of benefits to the body, such as:
     - Muscle relaxation; relaxes the mind and body
     - Stimulation of the body's natural healing ability
     - Relieves tension
     - Improves circulation 
     - Stress reduction 
     - Helps eliminate toxins from the body 
     - Reduces pain by stimulating the nervous system
     - Helps stregthen the immune system
     - Improves energy levels 
Reflexology is a very relaxing therapy that can aid in the following:
     - Stress                                                                                                                
     - Headaches/Migraines
     - Digestive complaints                                             
     - Anxiety
     - Depression
     - Insomnia
     - Reproductive issues                                                                    
     - Muscular complaints
     - Fatigue
     - Lack of energy
     - Sciatica
     - Sinusitis 
     - Arthritis 
     - Multiple Sclerosis 
     - Fibromyalgia 
     - Skin Conditions 
     - Thyroid Imbalance 
     - And Much More

At Trinity Natural Health Centre, reflexology is practised on the feet, hands and face.  Contact us today to learn more information.


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