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Natashia Guidi is the owner of Trinity Natural Health Centre. Natashia has always had a strong desire to help others.  She became interested in the art of healing at a young age.  This led her to study Sociology, Psychology and Health Studies at McMaster University.  It was during this time, that Natashia was introduced to a variety of healing therapies that are practiced throughout the world.  She graduated from McMaster University with a Combined Honors B.A.  

Natashia realized that she wanted to continue her studies in the healing arts.  She connected with homeopathy and was introduced to Heilkunst, "the art of making one whole."  Natashia  felt that she had found a medical system that truly focused on cure on all levels of being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). 

Natashia immediately began her studies at Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. After four years, she received her certification in Heilkunst and Homeopathy.  During this time, Natashia has also received certification for a variety of natural health therapies, such as reflexology and energy balancing.  She uses her natural empathic abilities to aid others in their healing and spiritual journeys. 

Natashia was also an online course designer and instructor for Centennial College.  She taught stress management courses, designed to help prevent and manage stress naturally and effectively. 


Natashia Guidi is a registered member with The College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

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