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Reiki Treatment
Buddha Statue
Holding Hands

Every living organism is made up of energy, including the human body.  In order for the body to live in harmony, this energy must be balanced (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).  A blockage of excess of energy flow will lead to imbalance.  This can result in physical, mental and emotional complaints.  Energy balancing helps remove imbalances and creates harmony within the body on all levels of being.

Hands-on techniques (laying hands upon/above the client's body) and breathing exercises are used to clear blockages that have been created in the body.  We also discuss emotional blockages that may be caused by unresolved issues.

Benefits include:

-Increased energy levels                                                             
-Improvement in sleep                                                                                  
-Reduced stress levels                                                                                       
-Helps relieve tension
-Helps accelerate the body's natural healing abilities
-Enhances memory and creativity
-Deep relaxation
-Calms the mind                                             
-Enhances intuition
-Increases self-awareness
-And Much More


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